Cuba: Aftermath of the Pope’s visit

Holy Week in the island prison:

The Pope’s failure to embrace persecuted Cubans, has sent a dangerous message to the Castro regime

43 arrested in post-papal visit Cuba crackdown

At least 43 Cuban dissidents have been arrested in areas near where Pope Benedict XVI visited last week, dissidents said Tuesday, as the United States urged their immediate release.
“We have been able to confirm that 43 opposition members have been detained — 10 women and 33 men — in a crackdown on Monday in the Santiago de Cuba area. All remain under arrest,” said Elizardo Sanchez, head of the outlawed but tolerated Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission.

The visit raises two sets of questions,

One of those sets of questions involves the Church’s role in Cuba in the next several years. The second set of questions involves the future of the papacy.

While the Pope exercises selective memory, Cardinal Jaime Ortega’s thriving real estate business goes on as usual.

Matthew 21:12.


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