Chavez heading back to Cuba

Contradicting reports that he was traveling to Brazil for emergency medical treatment, after begging God for life, Chavez announced last night in a telephone interview that he’s heading back to Cuba tonight for more “radiation therapy

He said the daily radiation treatments in Havana would help him continue what he calls a “battle for health and for life”.

He has only been in Venezuela since early Thursday morning, but must go back tonight?

According to Brazilian journalist Merval Pereira, the Venezuelan government wanted to vacate two floors of the Hospital Sírio e Libanês in Sao Paulo, install the Venezuelan army in charge of clearing all visitors to the hospital, and demanded a news blackout regarding medical updates.

Pereira says Chavez may be suffering of colon-rectal cancer with tumors in the colon, rectum and appendix, but this diagnosis is based on bits of information.

Venezuelan journalist Nelson Bocaranda reported yesterday that Chavez suffered burns from his latest radiation treatment, which has not been as on-target as it would have been in countries with state-of-the-art equipment, unlike Cuba. Chavez may have to undergo additional exploratory surgery.

In between cries to the divinity, Hugo didn’t waste time, and accused the USA of using terrorism to try to topple Syria’s Assad,

“I had been trying to talk with him for several days,” Chavez said of Assad, adding that the Syrian leader gave him a detailed rundown of the situation there during a half-hour call.

“Bashar told me that the political plans continue forward and that the security situation is improving, and he hopes and he’s sure … and let’s hope it’s the case … that with less bloodshed in the coming days, soon that brother Arab nation will be totally under control and will return to normality,” Chavez said.

Chavez, who has long had an antagonistic relationship with the U.S. ­government, has repeatedly accused Washington of trying to stir up violence in Syria similar to the fighting in Libya that led to the ouster and killing of his ally Muammar Gadhafi.

“The pressure by the Yankee empire and its allies continues, trying to use arms to topple President Bashar Assad, using terrorism,” Chavez said, adding that such actions were responsible for the violence in Syria.

Chavez has been selling Syria diesel fuel.

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3 Responses to “Chavez heading back to Cuba”

  1. GM Roper Says:

    Not to make fun of ANYONE with Cancer – God knows cancer damn near killed me… but perhaps Hugo’s surgeons ought to do a excision of his colon in it’s entirety and give him a bag. That way his wastes leave his body that much quicker and he won’t be so full of sh*t.

    Seriously, fighting cancer is painful, oft times you feel hopeless and scared. I hope he gets better so a later force in Venezuela can send him to prison for his crimes against the Venezuelan peoples.

  2. Kermit Says:

    Selling or giving fuel to Assad?

    That has been a problem with PDVSA and why it continues to lose $billions annually. It has not been run as a company but as a welfare/good will entity. Maintenance is deplorable and it continues to lose production even with new discoveries.

  3. Fausta Says:

    Good question, Kermit.
    PDVSA’s books are not open, so it’s anyone’s guess.