Cuba: The Pope’s shameful trip UPDATE: Did Benedict see Chavez?

Yeah, yeah, now the Pope’s given another Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square, right under the Che monument (Che monument soon to get a Galway branch, like a bank). Benedict gave lip service to hope and change.

Raul Castro got the photo-op of his lifetime, getting a Papal blessing, even when Hugo Chavez didn’t attend,

and Fidel Castro got a private audience with the Pope

The meeting followed Benedict’s open-air Mass in the same public square where a younger, healthier Castro once delivered official speeches that lasted for hours and frequently railed against the United States.

Here’s a photo,

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For Christ’s sake.

Benedict turned a deaf ear to the people clamoring for freedom – in the video above you can hear the chant of “libertad, libertad” (freedom, freedom).

The Catholic Church remains silent on arrest of protestor and hundreds of dissidents in Cuba, yet,

Unofficial reports also seem to confirm the future saint Fidel’s first miracle: the instantaneous disappearance from the island of the Ladies in White and all dissidents.

The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans?

I wouldn’t know about the hand of God.

But going by the evidence, one can safely conclude that the Pope sure doesn’t have b*lls.

Photo of Fidel & Benedict added.
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Did Benedict meet Hugo?
Pope Blesses Cancer-Stricken Chavez in Cuba, Journalist Says (h/t Venezuela News & Views)

The alleged meeting, which Bocaranda first reported was in the works on March 25, was arranged by Venezuelan diplomats who used to work at the South American nation’s mission to the Vatican, the journalist said. All participants agreed the brief meeting would be without media coverage, Bocaranda said.

Plenty of time to meet the Communists, no time for anyone else.


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  3. GM Roper Says:

    I’m not happy with the visit for sure, but meeting with Castro you said “For Christ’s sake.” Perhaps!

  4. Jorge Ravelo Says:

    The more things change, the more they (Cuba) stays the same.
    Pope Benedict’s visit raised the same hopes that John Paul’s did twenty years ago, and even though the cast of characters has changed, the result will be the same. Nothing will change. And the biggest obstacle is the same Cuban catholic church that hosted the visit. Cardinal Ortega and his bunch are content with protecting the tiny space afforded them twenty years ago by the regime, and to safeguard this they have become part of the regime itself. The church has been collaborating in repressing its own, and in blissfully ignoring the obvious. We need a Cuban Obando- Bravo, not a Cardinal compromised & blackmailed by the state.

  5. Fausta Says:

    Worse yet, Jorge, it increased oppression.