Cuba: Communist regime summons Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

In preparation for the Pope’s visit, Cuban police showed up at the home of dissident Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet ordering to turn himself in by 9AM this morning.

James Glassman reports,
A Brave Man Takes on Cuba’s Brutal Regime. Will the Pope Help?

“Police are in my house; bring summons for Oscar,” Tweeted Elsa Morejon at 11:50 Thursday morning from Havana. “Oscar” is her husband, Oscar Elias Biscet, the courageous physician who has spent 12 of his 50 years on earth in Fidel Castro’s prisons for expressing the opinion that Cubans should be free to speak their minds, to associate with whom they please, and to vote in fair elections.

On Wednesday, he voiced those opinions again in an op-ed in theWall Street Journal. “My country continues to be run by a brutal regime that oppresses the people, systematically violating our basic freedoms,” he wrote. “Cuba is a police state…. They beat and harass anyone seeking peaceful political change.”

Thus, a knock on the door, and the summons to appear at the police station Friday at 9 a.m.

Biscet responded as any brave person responds in the Internet age. He is not cowed. Within minutes, Biscet and his wife ensure that aphoto of the police who came to his door and a copy of the hand-written summons are circulating around the world.

Handwritten summons issued to Oscar Biscet, March 22, 2012

Soon after, I learn from one of Biscet’s supporters that Oscar has no intention of showing up at the police station. Biscet says, I am told, that “if he lived in a democracy, he would have to attend, but since he lives in a dictatorship and has not committed any crimes, he will not present himself.”

Babalu has photos of the police showing up at Biscet’s home yesterday.

As of the writing of this post, Morejon’s twitter feed has no news on Dr. Biscet.

To be continued…


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