Air Force suspends Embraer contract pending investigation…

… because the AF is “not satisfied with the quality of the documentation supporting the award decision.”

Ben Howe posts,
Brazilian Government Pouting About Need for Transparency in Procurement Process

As Rep. Mike Pompeo alluded to when it happened, this is not something that the Air Force would do simply to bow to political pressure:


The action is highly unusual, Rep. Mike Pompeo said in a conference call.

“That’s no small undertaking,” Pompeo said. “It’s a contractual process. They have now undone that contract. The Air Force does not do that lightly.”


I’ve said from the beginning of the saga that the reasons for Hawker-Beechcraft’s bid disqualification could be perfectly legitimate. But normally when someone is disqualified (as opposed to simply losing the bid) they are given a reason. Hawker was not and for me that raised an eyebrow. That eyebrow continued to be raised as I looked into Embraer and its cozy relationship (as in ownership stake) with the Brazilian government and the Brazilian government’s cozy relationship (as in, nuclear assistance) with that bastion of peace and understanding, Iran.

Read the whole thing.

The Embraer contract is a disgrace.

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