Val Prieto to Dana Milbank: I got your chimichanga right here

Idiot Dana Milbank at the WaPo came up with this punchline in his column, Does the GOP care about Latino voters?

The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos

Obama’s campaign manager called it “the line of the day”. My friend Val Prieto took out the big stick and beat Milbank’s chimi to a pulp,

…subsequently Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina tweets that this is “the line of the day” and the twitterverse is afire. Lots of Hispanic folks on the right side of the aisle are insulted by not just the insensitivity of the original remark, but the supporting tweet by none other the the President’s Campaign manger.

I can understand why some of us would be insulted. The remarks are definitely insensitive. But there are two things which insult me even more than these statements.

First, the abject hypocrisy of the left, with their holier than thou bullshit with regards to racial and ethnic issues, who have, whether through silence or excuses, defended Milbank and Messina.

Second, and most importantly, the silence from most of our “liberal” Latino brothers and sisters, who have almost collectively stuck their tails between their legs and hidden in a corner and ignored these blatant acts of racial discrimination. As if ignoring this will make it any less egregious or any less insulting or any less real.

Here’s my message to those liberal Latinos: Come on over to the dark side, amigos. Where you’ll be considered equals, where your success will be limited only by your determination and where you won’t be treated like chimichanga eating chattel.

Hey, to idiots like Milbank and Messina, I don’t even look Puerto Rican. No wonder they expect us to eat up their failed policies.



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