Sony fined $656k over Tiririca song

The clown and politician is in the Brazilian headlines, again,
Race Matters: Sony Ordered To Pay Half A Milli In Damages After Brazilian Song Calling Black Woman “Stinking Beast” And Comparing Her Hair To Scouring Pads Is Deemed Racist (h/t GoV)

The lawsuit was brought forth by 10 non-governmental organizations that fight against racism. Humberto Adami, the defense attorney of the NGOs, argued that black women were offended, exposed to ridicule and felt violated due to the lyrical content of the song.

“This decision is a direct message to show how the issue of racial inequality should be treated. It is a moment to celebrate. The compensation won’t even go to the authors of the lawsuit. The money will go to the Diffused Rights Fund of the Ministry of Justice,”commented Adami.

Adami claims that the damages paid in the suit are the highest ever paid for compensation of a racist act in Brazil.

A representative for Sony maintained that the song was not intended to offend women and that Tiririca was in fact alluding to his wife in the song and that the terminology used in the song are used by Brazilians in reference to not only black women but white women as well.

In case you wonder if this is too much, take a look at the appalling lyrics.


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