Best line of the week: “Somebody’s going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart” UPDATED

Leave it to Chris Christie to put a heckler in its place,

“The only problem with the scene for the Romney campaign was the lingering question: Why can’t their candidate do this?”

UPDATE, Tuesday, 10 January,
Some woman at Slate, clearly not from NJ (where we all know what’s going down is about to happen), is in high dudgeon, claiming that N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Responds to Female Hecklers With Offensive Oral Sex Joke.

Rick Moran did some research,

I believe the proper nomenclature Ms. Bosch is looking for is “going down on,” not simply “going down.” The fact is, there might be 50 uses for the phrase “going down” — including the usage Mr. Christie was employing, which, according to the Online Slang Dictionary, was “to happen” as in “It’s about to go down.” (Sorry Ms. Bosch: No reference to oral sex in the OSD.)

Don Surber has the Top-10 P*rn lines from Star Wars,


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