Fast and Furious documents dumped last Friday afternoon UPDATED

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Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Violated U.S. Laws Beyond Those Being Investigated
I know, because I was the principal drafter of some of the legislation.

White House denies reports Obama knew of ‘Fast and Furious’ in 2010, and tells the Daily Caller to read a post by Media Matters.

Ariz. congressman: Pressure to resign is getting to Eric Holder

Scott Johnson writes about the Fast And Furious Lies,

In its execution of best scandal management practices, the Obama administration orchestrated another Friday night document dump last week. The Department of Justice released some 1400 pages of documents related to the Fast and Furious operation. The documents purport to explain why at least two statements made by Department of Justice officials to Congress regarding the operation turned out to be false.

Michael Walsh exhorts the Justice Department to come clean and answer these questions,

the man who supervised it, Attorney General Holder, will appears before Congress again Thursday to testify in the exploding fiasco. But there’s really only one question he needs to answer: Why?

Why did Justice, the ATF and an alphabet soup of federal agencies facilitate the transfer of guns across the border — without the knowledge of Mexican authorities — when they knew they couldn’t trace them properly?

While we wait for answers, the Administration sealed the court records relating to agent Terry’s murder.

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DEA laundering money for drug cartels?


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