The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America

The American Enterprise Institute has an excellent report on The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America, via Phyllis Chesler,

The immediate US national security concern related to Hezbollah activity in Latin America is Mexico, where the terrorist group has ready access to the US border.

Key points:

• To ward off its international isolation and undermine US influence in the region, Iran, with its Hezbollah proxy in tow, has made a major diplomatic and economic push into the Western Hemisphere.

• Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and other radical anti-American populists have made common cause with Iran and Hezbollah in waging asymmetric warfare against the United States.

• Hezbollah’s criminality in the region has multiplied as it has established deeper relations with transnational criminal organizations.

• Evidence indicates Hezbollah is sharing its terrorist experiences and techniques with Mexican drug cartels along the US borde



Long-term readers of this blog will not be surprised by most of this information, however, this is an excellent report and you must read every word. It’s also available on easy-to-print PDF format.


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