London-Santiago: Coincidence or convergence?

The US media is covering the ongoing London riots, burning for the fourth consecutive night, and spreading to other parts of the country.

While London burns,

the fastest-selling items on are batons and baseball bats, as people look to defend themselves and their property in the absence of an effective police.

while a rioter boasts, “We’re just showing the rich people that we can do what we want,” including stealing from a wounded child,

Not covered by the US media is the rioting in Chile:
Violent Protests For Education Reform In Chile

Violence has broken out in Chile’s capital as tens of thousands of students stage another protest demanding changes in public education.

Masked demonstrators are burning cars and barricades, looting storefronts and throwing furniture at police. Officers are responding with tear gas and water cannons.

ALTERNATIVE CROP OF XRC105 .- Masked demonstrators stand near a burning barricade in downtown Santiago during rioting after a students protest in Santiago, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011. Riot police battled high school and university students in the streets of Chile's capital on Tuesday, firing water cannons and tear gas and using officers on horseback to break up flaming barricades.

While the London demonstrators are “showing the rich”, the Santiago demonstrators want private universities to provide education for free. They also want a new constitution, which of course would be subject to their approval.

It is indeed interesting that the US’s staunchest European ally, and South America’s most successful capitalist country have both come under attack following Black Thursday’s crash and the S&P downgrade.

After America may be sooner than we think.

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