What to do with an out-of-control priapic passenger?

Imagine, dear readers, that you are in the airline industry, and your most notorious passenger is, shall we say, lacking in self-restraint. He is also immensely influential, and you can not, by any stretch of the imagination, deny him the service available to any other person willing to pay for transport.

What to do, then?

Air France ordered male-only cabin crew for Strauss-Kahn

The claim was reported Thursday by Le Parisien newspaper, which also says lawyers for the former IMF chief’s alleged victim, Nafissatou Diallo, are soliciting testimony from female flight attendants at the national carrier, who may have been subjected to inappropriate behavior by the Frenchman.

The lawyers already received two accounts from disgruntled staff, along with an anonymous letter detailing the Air France male-only order, the report said.

How out-of-control are we talking about?

“Air France has a few hundred complaints from clients, employees, crew members who met the man suspected of having abused your client Madame Diallo,” the letter alleged, adding, “it was decided by Air France that ‘only male employees should be deployed in the first class cabin when this client [Strauss-Kahn] was traveling.’”

A few hundred?

Where is Tina Brown when he needs her?

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