Chavez heading to Brazil for healthcare?

Cuba instead

Having availed himself of that so-called “excellent Cuban healthcare” that Michael Moore talks about, Chavez is now looking for a different location for chemo,
Chavez May Head to Brazil for Cancer Treatment

Brazil’s official news agency said Friday the Venezuelan leader is expected to arrive in the coming days after working out details of the visit with the staff of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.
Mr. Chavez is expected to receive treatment at the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paolo.

On Thursday, Mr. Chavez told supporters at a rally in Caracas that his battle against cancer is one of the biggest fights of his life. He had previously said he may undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Either he doesn’t trust Venezuelan doctors, or he realizes that his administration has squandered the Venezuelans’ oil fortune and denied them the best of care.

So he’s off to the Syrian-Lebanese hospital in Sao Paolo…



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