The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Buenos Aires va a las urnas con alta probabilidad de reeditar duelo de 2007

Argentina Charges Economists

Competition policy in Brazil
Too little, too late
Merger plans puts weak antitrust enforcement in the spotlight

Knight News Challenge winner Poderopedia aims to map power in Chile (Interview with Miguel Paz)

Security in Colombia
The FARC is not finished yet

Travel to the ‘Authentic’ Cuba!

Cuba and Venezuela Both Face Succession Challenge

Gunmen kill folk singer Facundo Cabral in Guatemala

The ultimate hypocrisy

Honduran Truth and Reconciliation Commission Issues Ruling

LulzSec doc drop: Arizona Officials Say Hezbollah Operating in Mexico

Fighting in Michoacán, Attacks on Hotels

State elections in Mexico
A hat trick for the PRI


Obama Meets Peru’s Incoming President

The White House said Obama dropped by Wednesday while the incoming Peruvian leader was meeting with U.S. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

Natural resources in Peru
The trials of miners

Romantic outsiders see in the events in Puno an uprising by Aymara-speaking Indians against multinationals. But the truth looks much uglier. The towns around Lake Titicaca are at the centre of a huge contraband trade. The protesters are silent about large-scale informal gold mining, which pollutes rivers far more than formal mines. In Puno’s lowlands, cocaine production is rising. Some locals say that the protests are a rebellion inspired by the leaders of illegal businesses against the rule of law.

Visit to Russia by brother of Peru’s Humala results in controversy

Puerto Rican scholar Ricardo Alegria dies at 90

The Bolivarian patient
Venezuela’s president returns, but his illness raises many questions about the country’s political future

Years, not months

The week’s posts,
Gunwalker in 1 equation
Fast and Furious from stimulus money?
The Invisible Hugo & the worst of both worlds


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