This just in at the Miami Herald,
Hugo Chavez admits cancerous tumor.

President Hugo Chavez acknowledged Thursday night that he had a cancerous tumor.
He made the admission in a late-night speech, his first since falling ill 21 days ago.

Here is the video in Spanish, supposedly taped in Cuba,

My translation: if you use this text, please credit me and link to this post,

However, and in spite of the favorable general course, throughout the process of draining and healing, there appeared suspicion of the presence of other cellular formations that had not previously been detected. Therefore, a series of special tests was started immediately, cytochemical, cytopathologic, microbiologic, and pathologic, which confirmed the presence of an abscessed tumor with the presence of cancerous cells, which necessitated a second surgery.

>Note the labored, almost contrived, speech and elaborate syntax, along with the tense delivery, a big change from Chavez’s customary informal and very colloquial style.

What effect this will have on oil markets, on the people of Venezuela, and on Latin American politics? We’ll find out shortly.

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