HACER: The must-read on Latin America

Anyone looking for reliable information on news and politics on our hemisphere should read every day HACER Weekly News Report USA and HACER Latin American News.


The Hispanic American Center for Economic Research (HACER) is a 501(c)(3) organization that is supported entirely through gifts from individuals, philanthropic foundations, and corporations.

HACER is devoted to promote the study of issues pertinent to the countries of Hispanic America as well as Hispanic Americans living in the United States, especially as they relate to the values of personal and economic liberty, limited government under the rule of law, and individual responsibility.

HACER Latin American News is a particularly valuable resource. The compendium of articles in Spanish and English, collected from media reports from two dozen Latin American countries, is thorough, informative, and up-to-the minute. It is an invaluable resource, on which I rely for my everyday blogging.

Add their feed to your feedreader, bookmark them, and read them every day.



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