The “how’s Hugo” Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

LatinAmerThe big news this week is not actually news, it’s the rumors surrounding Hugo Chavez’s stay in Cuba:
His brother Adan tells the hoi-poloi to take arms if necessary to keep Chavismo rolling
More on that at The Devil’s Excrement and Babalu.

Hugo Chavez Death Rumor: Another Bad Copy from the Castro tyrant handbook?

Daniel of Venezuela News and VIews has an article on power & Chavez

Mary O’Grady sends A Get-Well Card for Hugo Chávez
Venezuela would be better off if the ailing dictator lives and is held responsible for his misdeeds.

Foreign Countries Look to Latin America for Food

Security in Central America
Rounding up the governments
Central America’s leaders and their neighbours are at last starting to co-operate. But the mafias still lead the way in regional integration

Argentine leader picks Boudou as running mate

Boudou, appointed as economy minister in July 2009, has emerged as one of Fernandez’s most loyal cabinet ministers. In his previous job as head of the state pensions body, he won her trust when she nationalized private pension funds in 2008.

Argentine politics
Just in time

Mexican police arrest alleged head of La Familia cartel
Swoop on José de Jesús Méndez Vargas is big blow to organised crime, says President Felipe Calderón

“Siomi”, el asesor clave y futuro hombre fuerte del gobierno de Ollanta Humala

Miles de venezolanos piden asilo en EEUU

Hugo Chávez’s Scary Anti-American Campaign Takes to the Skies and Stops Off In Teheran

Trouble at the Rodeo

The week’s posts and podcasts
ATF Gunwalker fast and furious roundup
Venezuela’s sponsoring terrorism, and Brazil gets hacked
Does Hugo Chavez have prostate cancer?
Mexican drug cartel kingpins: Dead or caught roster
Hey, Hugo, how are you doing?
In Silvio Canto’s podcast
Mexico’s Hidden War


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