Rubio on American Exceptionalism VIDEO

Marco Rubio’s first speech in the Senate,

The Foundry posts on Marco Rubio’s Exceptional America

Rubio concluded by acknowledging the fear that “America’s century” was the 20th century and that someone else might lead the next. But this, he argues, would be entirely a failure of the American government. Our government is bankrupt and seems unwilling to fix itself. But the American people are not broken. They retain the same capabilities and desires to succeed that their ancestors did. Rubio exhorted his fellow Senators that:

If we give America a government that could live within its means, the American economy will give us a government of considerable means. A government that can afford to pay for the things government should be doing, because it does not waste money on the things government should not be doing.  If we can deliver on a few simple but important things, we have the chance to do something that’s difficult to imagine is even possible: an America whose future will be greater than her past.

That would be an exceptional America, indeed.

Ace calls it “Vice-Presidential?”

Human Events lists What GOP Presidential Candidates Can Learn From Marco Rubio’s Exceptional Maiden Speech

Babalu wants to draft him.

You can read the full text of the speech below the fold,


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