#DSK at a $50,000/month house

From suicide watch to the lap of luxury in Tribeca’s most expensive rental at 153 Franklin Street,
DSK hops to luxe lily pad
Frisky frog’s ‘townhouse arrest’ in 50G/month TriBeCa home

The uber-luxury, $50,000-a-month townhouse at 153 Franklin St. — replete with a home theater, gym, spa, bar and rec rooms — is where the former head of the International Monetary Fund will sit out his house arrest as he awaits trial on charges he sexually assaulted and attempted to rape a Midtown hotel maid.

I’d like to know what the facilities are like for the hotel maid, who is in protective custody.

The silver-haired French Lothario, who just a week ago was on suicide watch in a tiny isolation cell at Rikers Island, moved last night into a three-story, 6,800-square-foot townhouse — just steps from the Robert De Niro-owned sushi hot spot Nobu — that was secured by his heiress wife, Anne Sinclair.

DSK wasn’t even handcuffed for the move.

You can watch a slide show of the new digs here.

Epistemic closure among French Socialists, via Instapundit,

it seems a bit rich for Socialists to overwhelmingly take the side of the wealthy powerful politician with a history of sexual abuse allegations against what appear to be quite credible allegations of a poor Guinean refugee.

It’s all about power, and Socialists crave power.

Giethner just doesn’t understand,


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