Chavez, nursing knee injury, tweets

He won’t be riding his bike, then?

Hugo Chavez says he may undergo knee surgery after injury while jogging in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his doctors are considering the possibility of having him undergo arthroscopic knee surgery due to a recent injury.

Chavez says on Twitter that the pain in his left knee has diminished, though it remains swollen.

After canceling a scheduled trip to Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba, he’s laying low,

Chavez said on Monday that he had gone for a walk, and had started jogging when he hit his knee. He said there had been a discharge of liquid inside his knee and that it swelled up. He has not appeared in public since then.

But you can catch him on Twitter, while Venezuelan Vice-President Elías Jaua says that Chavez is “bossier than ever” and is “driving crazy” his ministers with his commands and orders. And tweets.



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