Zelaya returning to Honduras

Just what the country doesn’t need,
Ousted Leader Is Set to Return to Honduras

Former President Manuel Zelaya is expected to return to Honduras within a month, ending an exile that began nearly two years ago when he was ousted in a coup, an aide and a key supporter said Wednesday.

Conditions are right for Mr. Zelaya to return from the Dominican Republic after the Honduran Supreme Court dropped corruption charges against him, said Rasel Tomé, a senior aide of the former president.

Mr. Zelaya’s return could pave the way for Honduras to be reincorporated into the Organization of American States, which suspended the country after the coup in June 2009.

The United States and many other countries in the hemisphere have long since restored diplomatic ties with Honduras, but some nations, including Venezuela and Brazil, have declined to do so.

Honduran President Pepe Lobo says Honduras will be readmitted to the OAS before June 5.

Hugo Chavez will be gloating this weekend on his cadenas.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she was confident that the O.A.S. would restore Honduras.


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