Ecuador’s Correa and the FARC

The Wall Street Journal expands on the IISS report regarding Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa’s links to the FARC:
Report Links Ecuador’s President With Colombian Guerrillas

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa may have received as much as $400,000 from Colombian guerrillas and their drug trafficking allies for his 2006 presidential campaign, a U.K. think tank concluded in a report released Tuesday.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies based its conclusion on a two-year study of a treasure trove of information found in the computers of the late Raul Reyes, a top leader of Colombia’s communist FARC guerrillas. Mr. Reyes was killed when his camp in Ecuador was attacked in a controversial cross border raid by Colombian soldiers in 2008.

Much of the information released Tuesday was previously known, including indications that the FARC had contributed $100,000 to Mr. Correa’s 2006 campaign. At the time of the initial release, Mr. Correa heatedly denied any involvement with the FARC, as did Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez, who according to the documents released shortly after Mr. Reyes was killed, had a close relationship with the FARC.

The documents released in 2008 also showed a surprisingly close relationship between the FARC and Mr. Correa, who had been elected president two years earlier. One email sent to Mr. Reyes from the FARC’s legendary founder and leader, Manuel Marulanda, said the guerrilla’s ruling secretariat had agreed that commanders of several FARC fronts would pool resources to provide Mr. Correa’s emissaries with $100,000 in campaign funds.

The report released Tuesday cites another email written the next day by Mr. Reyes to the secretariat informing them that friends of the FARC’s 48th front, which operates in Colombia just across from Ecuador’s border, had collected another $300,000 for “the same campaign.”

The article points out that a lot of this information is not new, as there were ” indications that the FARC had contributed $100,000 to Mr. Correa’s 2006 campaign”. However, the IISS book is the first in-depth study of the FARC files.



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