Bin Laden’s cousin arrested in Ecuador for human trafficking

Bin Laden cousin captured in Ecuador was carrying Venezuelan visa, traffcking persons via Caracas and Quito

Yaee Dawit Tadese, the Ethiopian-born cousin of Osama bin Laden recently captured in Guayaquil, Ecuador for human trafficking, was carrying a Venezuelan visa.

Tadese, whose alias is “Jack Flora,” is alleged to be the head of an Al Qaeda network dedicated to human trafficking. He was arrested in a joint operation between anti-terror police from Colombia and Ecuador in a hotel on Avenida Chiriboga in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Tadese was reported to have been carrying three visas, including one from Spain and one from Venezuela.

The human trafficking ring is reported to have mostly trafficked persons from Kenya, Eritrea and Bangladesh, and their points of entry into the continent were via Quito, Ecuador and Caracas, Venezuela.

Definitely no coincidence, there.


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