Chirac to go on trial, maybe

Years ago I was posting about Jacques Chirac’s outrageous spending while he was mayor of Paris:

It’s now time for a Fausta’s blog flashback: On October 7, 2005 I posted:

Blacque Jacques Chirac’s “lunch money”
Last March I posted that 47 people were on trial for rigging public works contracts (ah, a whiff of New Jersey chez le Seine?) and that on Nov. 2002 Chirac had avoided prosecution over his exhorbitant food bills (which avearaged 600 euros (£420) a day on average between 1988 and 1995) from back when he was mayor of Paris because the statute of limitations had ran out.

Now Socialist MP Rene Dosiere (emphasis mine) sheds light on Chirac’s mysterious millions. President costs taxpayer three times official figure: Elysee Palace has 1,000 staff and budget of €82m

And that flashback’s just to whet your appetite for all things Chirac; There’s theClearstream affaireJacque’s part in a coup in the ComorosJacques’s own secret service mentioned above, and the Chirac connections in the Oil-For-Food scam.

Well, at least one of those chickens may come home to roost:
Former French President Chirac to stand trial, maybe

That is, if the whole case isn’t derailed by a last-minute protest by another defendant.
If the trial goes ahead as planned, Chirac, 78, faces a month in court on charges that he masterminded a scheme to have Paris City Hall pay for work that benefited his political party when he was mayor — before he became president in 1995.
A prison term is seen as highly unlikely, but in principle if convicted, Chirac could be jailed for up to 10 years and fined euro150,000 ($210,000).

Don’t bet your house on either the trial going through or Chirac losing if it does. The French powers that be may not want to besmirch Chirac’s “legacy”.



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