The carnival week Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Cada cinco días sale un Narcojet del país

Argentina’s Supreme Court demands government balance allocation of state advertising

Smuggling Scandal Shakes Bolivia

Bolivia’s Evo Morales
The calle gets restive
Inflation, shortages and scandals have caught up with Latin America’s hitherto most popular leftist leader

Weary Brazilians seek escape from Carnival crowds

89 million condoms to be given out at Brazil’s Carnival

Already Lofty Interest Rates in Brazil Get Even Higher

30 Billion USD 2011 budget cut

Colombia’s Leader Looks Beyond the U.S.

Fidel’s Ideal Road Map to Solve the Alan Gross Case

The Motorcycle Drones On

Gross trial gets under way in Havana

Cuba and the internet
Wired, at last
The battle of the blogs begins

Bohemia Lagoon

Jaime de Marichalar y su exabrupto anticastrista

A cure worse than the disease

Obama meets with El Salvador’s president

A journey to Jacmel
Little miracles

Music and crime in the Caribbean
Bad news for Buju Banton

I have been reading about – but not blogging on – the Gunwalker scandal. Via Instapundit, Robert Farago has three explanations on The Real Reason the ATF Smuggled Guns Into Mexico: 1. To catch the “big fish”, 2. Empire building, and 3. ATF Agents enabled smuggled guns to line their own pockets, concluding that,

The amount of money—cash money—flowing in the drug trade is beyond your wildest imagination. Tens of billions of dollars. The Mexican drug lords have corrupted officials on both sides of the border, at the highest possible levels. Why not the ATF? Money talks, guns walk. Makes perfect sense.

No Man’s Land: The Mystery of Mexico’s Drug Wars

Heads of U.S., Mexico to Meet as Tensions Rise
Violence From Drug War to Top Agenda as Calderón Visits Obama in Washington

Calderon and the Mexico Mess

U.S., Mexico Unveil Deal to End Trucking Dispute

Calderon: WikiLeaks caused severe damage to U.S.-Mexico relations

Obama’s Mexico Standoff

The elephant in the room, via Gancho

Murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Was Armed with … Beanbags?
A political policy that left a Border Patrol agent facing lethally armed men with only a beanbag gun is likely responsible for his death

US to Nicaragua’s opposition: We can dance, but you lead

The Liberation of Lori Berenson

Minute-by-minute: A recount of the Peru’s electoral debate

Puerto Rico sweetens film incentives
Looks to lure biz as some states trim offerings

Qaddafi Said to Accept Venezuelan Offer for Help

The Chavez Doctrine

Qaddafi’s Pal in Caracas
Hugo Chávez had better hope he doesn’t end up like his dictator friends

That Sirocco breeze from Libya….

Slaughtering the Innocents that Americans Won’t Slaughter: MS-13 Gang Members Wreak Bloody Havoc Thanks to Open Borders Policy

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Podcast: President Calderon meets Pres BO
Mexican drug cartels in the USA: The new Mafia
Is Castro Gaddafi’s pimp?
Caracas’s high-rise to nowhere


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