Teddy does Santiago

Not Wikileaks, but revealing just how awful Ted Kennedy was,

After repeated attempts, Judicial Watch has managed to pry loose certain documents relating to Teddy Kennedy from the FBI. The FBI’s original redactions plainly had nothing to do with national security, so the agency apparently was trying to protect Kennedy’s reputation.

The most entertaining documents relate to a trip Kennedy took to Latin America in 1961. He visited a number of countries, accompanied by his “political counselor.” In each country, Kennedy met with prominent Communists or other left-wing leaders. The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico was outraged that Kennedy wanted to bring such people to the embassy–this was the heart of the Cold War, after all–and he refused, telling Kennedy to arrange his own interviews somewhere else. A State Department official in Peru described Teddy as “pompous and a spoiled brat.”

By the time Ted got to Santiago de Chile he had had enough of Communists and rented a brothel for a night.

Here are the FBI reports. The December 28, 1961, report summarizes Ted’s Excellent Adventure at the height of the Cold War, meeting Communists and “others who had left-wing views,” availing himself of the American embassies when allowed – which he was allowed to do as the brother of President John F. Kennedy. Ted did not become a US Senator until 1962.

Doug Ross has more on Ted’s troubling history,

In 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union, KGB files revealed that Kennedy had twice approached Soviet leaders with proposals that would boost his political aspirations while undermining American national security.

In 1978 Kennedy reportedly used a go-between to establish a relationship with the KGB in order to sabotage President Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy efforts. Kennedy, of course, was interested in running against Carter in the 1980 primary.

Furthermore, Kennedy approached the Soviets with an offer to help undermine Ronald Reagan’s 1984 presidential reelection campaign. Kennedy proposed a public relations blitz and mentioned his friends — Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters, by name — as willing to assist in the propaganda effort.

The Kennedy tradition of “reaching out” to Communists continues, as his nephew Joe engaged in deals with Hugo Chavez in 2009, and ended up with less than what the Chilean whores got decades earlier.


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