The last 2010 Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

China and Latin America

Argentine Protests Rattle Kirchner Administration

Former Argentine Dictator Gets Life in Prison

Down Argentine Way

Women Ascend in Latin America
Brazil’s President-Elect Continues a Regional Leadership Trend, Even Amid Persistent Prejudices

Proyecto de nuevo Plano Regulador para San Pedro de Atacama

Cuba puts ‘imperialist’ US Wikileaks online
Cuba says it will publish on the internet more than 2,000 US diplomatic cables released by the website Wikileaks.

A Look Back at the 111th Congress

What’s the difference?


Just collecting the rent, really

Guatemala fights Mexican drug gangs

Capturan a supuesto líder de cartel Los Zetas


Travel warnings issued for Mexico as holidays begin

DPS [Texas Department of Public Safety] cited several concerns, including drug-cartel-related violence along the northern Mexican border and in cities such as Monterrey and Acapulco.

Drug-related and other crimes have been documented in popular tourist spots such as Cancun and Mazatlan, officials said. Kidnappings of tourists, assaults along Mexican highways and rapes at resort areas have also been reported.

Mexico Becoming Big Problem for U.S.

A must-read from Spiegel,The Mexican Drug War
A Nation Descends into Violence

Former Mexican Candidate Freed by Kidnappers

Farc in Mexico?

To Root Out Dirty Police, Mexico Sends In a General

Mexican drug war–Texas Southmost Education

Mexican Troops Kill US Man Outside Acapulco

Land grabbers dispersed by Peru police around archaeological site

Puerto Rico Earthquake Today: 5.1 Magnitude

Venezuela partners with Petropars, OFAC designated Iranian company

Venezuelan Dictatorship for Dummies

US: Chavez’s rejection of diplomat to have impact

Showing his true colours

Iran Just Shipped Missiles to Venezuela. Hello? Is This Thing On?
A massive security threat just blossomed, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an MSM or administration official who cares.

Hugo Chavez: CommuNazi


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