Silly Simon

Scott Simon of NPR thinks That Fat Lip Might Give Obama Some Street Cred with the North Koreans.

Simon ought to get out more often.

No Sheeples puts the fat lip in perspective: Child Emperor Plays Basketball While North Korea And China Scheme

And, yes, if Simon wanted to elect a president with a tough background, McCain’s years in a POW camp should have met the criteria.

As Don Surber said,

The NPR fellow has it backward.

Moshe Dayan losing an eye while spying on the enemy is street cred.

Being so delicate that you cannot take an elbow to the face is street crud.

pon hearing the news, Vlad Putin laughed so, he almost crashed his F1 car.

Doesn’t Obama drive a Prius or something?

No, Obama rides a bike. Wearing a helmet.



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