Let’s hope there’s a prenup: “Daily Beast, Newsweek to Wed!”

Tina Brown giddily announces that Daily Beast, Newsweek to Wed! The offspring will be called The Newsweek Daily Beast Company.

Stacy wonders about The Weekly Newsbeast’s money flow:

The investors can expect to lose a crapload of cash in the process. The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence. Whatever else you might say about Tina Brown, she’s undeniably brilliant at convincing investors to lose money on her projects.

Two things:
1. The Daily Beast’s code is such that, every time I have been to the site, it takes a couple of seconds for the text to ungnarl itself into readable form.
2. I can’t recall when was the last time I read Newsweek.
Perhaps it is a match made in heaven, after all.


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