Argentina: Today’s headlines from Clarin

I’m truly enjoying my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have a brief post:

Clarin, the newspaper whose stock went up by 50% the day after Kirchner’s death, has these two top headlines today (all links in Spanish):
Cristina returns today and shows strength: “The President will resume her full schedule tomorrow. Tuesday she’ll be at a business event in Cordoba. She will start her tour of Asia on Friday where she’ll attend the G-20 meeting.”

The poster above is one of thousands printed, distributed, and pasted on every corner of the city by the government the day after Kirchner’s death.

Today is Brazil’s runoff election:
Brasil’s ballots: Surveys confirm Dilma as the favorite. “Results were released this morning and show she will obtain between 55-56% of the vote against her Socialdemocrat rival Jose Serra.”
I know a guy named Jose Serra who is neither Brazilian, nor politician nor socialdemocrat.

Internet connections are iffy, so posting will continue to be sporadic, but I see that in the States the Jon Stewart rally went entirely as expected.


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