Chavez loses supermajority

Chavez’s party loses its supermajority in Venezuela elections

The ruling party won at least 90 seats, while an opposition coalition that united under the Democratic Unity Table banner won at least 59, the head of the nation’s electoral council said. Some races were still too close to call.

I’m working on an article for Real Clear World, but will be talking about this in today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern.

Venezuela’s opposition win a majority of the vote but are a minority in the AN
Chavez perd le contrôle absolu du parlement vénézuélien
The delay in anouncing the results of the Venezuelan elections is an insult to the voters
Chávez Allies Win Majority, but Foes Make Gains

While Mr. Chávez’s allies preserved a majority in the National Assembly, gerrymandering approved earlier this year that gave disproportionate power to rural districts where the opposition remains weak helped them achieve that goal.

Venezuela’s Chávez Loses Key Threshold in Elections

The results mask what is likely a much closer result in the popular vote, which analysts say appears to be about evenly split. Due to changes in electoral law approved by the Venezuela’s electoral authority, which is dominated by Mr. Chávez, a deputy in a rural state such as Delta Amacuro, needs only 20,000 votes to get elected, while a deputy from heavily populated Zulia state needs 400,000 votes, said Ricardo Sanchez, a former student leader who was expected to win election as an opposition alternate delegate in Caracas on Sunday.



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