Cat Woman in a burqa?

Another news item today like something out of a movie?

A PURR-FECT DISGUISE: A wanted poster shows a likeness of the masked woman who robbed Arche shoes at Astor Place in Manhattan and The Body Shop in Forest Hills, Queens, last week.

Thief of a thousand a couple of disguises and very little brain:
Holy masquerade! Cat woman strikes.

But wait, she wears Cat Woman mask to Arche, and only takes $86 from the register?

According to the source, the lithe 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief, described in a wanted poster as possibly Middle Eastern, strode into the store at around 1:30 p.m. She prowled for about 45 minutes before donning her disguise and pouncing on a sales clerk.

Love how she put on her mask after being caught on tape, but then there’s the report: Hmmm… lithe? prowled? pounced? The guy who wrote this report for the NY Post has a huge crush on Halle Berry, for sure.

“Give me the money. I have a gun,” read a note Cat Woman passed to the worker, according to the source.

She got her paws on $86 in cash and scampered off, the source said.

Oh yeah. The reporter just purrs over Halle. $5 says he’s got this poster somewhere in his habitat:

But back to the thief:
What was she thinking? Arche shoes are $300+. Couldn’t she at least get a few pairs in her size, and then get the register cash for cab fare and lunch money?

Anyway, the next disguise was a burqa, which she wore to – where else – The Body Shop. No irony intended on the burqa/cosmetics statement.


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