Shoes: The $470 difference

The ever-witty and charming Manolo has a very funny article featuring the Loeffler Randall Mesh Lace-Up Ankle Boots For the Monday.

Alas, the beautiful Loeffer shoes retail for $625.00.

They remind me of my practice tango shoes, custom-made by Jorge Nel in Colombia, the Corazon:

You can get them in light tan leather, and they are $120 plus shipping. If you add a few extras, such as leather soles ($10), arch support ($10), and extra cushioning ($15), your total is $155.00. The Corazon come with fabric shoelaces, which you can replace with leather shoelaces if you so desire.

And you have a pair of high-quality, all-leather custom-made shoes especially made for you -whether you dance or not. (Please read the terms and conditions.)

I wear the Corazon, in red leather and 2″ heels (with suede soles) as my tango practice shoes. They are wonderful shoes, wonderful dance shoes, and they are worth the wait. I’ve had them for over a year and have been wearing them every week.

Click on the above for more beautiful custom-made shoes.


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