CNN now doing tabloid newscasts: “Son ’stupid kid,’ not a terrorist”

Those of us who watch Spanish-language media are used to seeing reports where the gansta/punk/hardened criminal commits a heinous crime and the reporter never fails to include an interview with the perpetrator’s crying mom, who never fails to say he couldn’t have done it because, “he’s such a good son.”

Well, CNN is going one better. Now they interviewed the mom of Mohamed Mahmood Alessa, 20, of North Bergen, New Jersey, who got busted on his way to join Somali jihadists. Mo’s mom apparently didn’t say much about what a good son he is, but she sure attested to his stupidity – and his anger management issues:

“Anything makes him angry. But he’s not a terrorist; he’s a stupid kid,” Nadia Alessa said of her U.S.-born son, Mahmood.

Mom, being smarter, warned him about undercover agents that may have been on his case,

“Since I saw him, I warned my son and Carlos,” Nadia Alessa said. “But my son say ‘Always you say about my friends they are undercover.’ “

Nice mom, isn’t she? She doesn’t seem to have been too bothered as to whether Mo was a jihadist, she was just concerned as to whether undercover FBI agents were after him.

Robert Spencer speculates on whether this is a new twist on the insanity defense:

Now there’s a twist on the “Decent Fellows” canard. One might call it a variation on the oft-used “insanity” defense. Of course, it stands to reason she’ll make any excuse to believe, or at least to make others believe, that this has nothing to do with Islam.

And few will consider the chance that he’s actually quite crafty, or perhaps, that he’s both a jihadist and dumber than a bag of hammers as well. The important thing is, he’s a jihadist.

And mom wasn’t worried about that?


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