Looking for an *ss to kick? How about getting some oil-containment booms instead? VIDEO

The other day the POTUS was looking for an *ss to kick. As a public service, may I direct you to Gateway Pundit’s post?
BREAKING: MILES OF OIL CONTAINMENT BOOM in Warehouse- Just Sitting- Waiting For BP or US to Collect (Video!)

There are miles of floating oil containment boom in warehouse right now and the manufacturer Packgen says it can make lots more on short notice.
There’s just one problem… No one will come get it.

Maine Governor Baldacci visits Packgen to see the manufacturing of Oil Containment Booms, as well as lend his support to the people of Packgen and the Gulf Coast.

Read Gregory Sullivan’s report at Pajamas Media,
Miles of Oil Containment Boom Sit in Warehouse, Waiting for BP or U.S. to Use
An enterprising businessman put his factory in overdrive, figuring the country needed his product and his workers needed overtime. He’s making enough to stem the shortage. Why is everyone ignoring him?

In other *ss-kicking news, Suzette has the Symbolic Representation of Obama’s Situation Vis-A-Vis Gulf Oil Leak (click on photo to enlarge)

Maybe Lapoint will direct the Obamas to Cesar the Dog Whisperer once someone finds Lapoint’s booms and stops kicking the *ss.


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