What not to wear: The Dress

Don’t try this at home:

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14 Responses to “What not to wear: The Dress”

  1. Mr. Bingley Says:

    OMG, wait ’til Suzette sees this!

  2. What | Little Miss Attila Says:

    […] . . . not to wear. […]

  3. Obi's Sister Says:


  4. Maddmedic Says:

    Holy Walking Sofa, Batman!!

  5. WhoStruckJohn Says:

    No, clearly this should not be done at home … nor in public either, unless you want to publicly humiliate yourself!

  6. Pat Patterson Says:

    Holy cow! I though The Sack was popular for only one year in the late 50’s. But it is a nice touch of Americana even if the original was designed by YSL.


  7. expat Says:

    One of her favored designers has gone out of business. Michelle must have picked this up at the closing sale.

  8. Fausta Says:

    That’s Maria Pinto. The frocks designed by Pinto that MO wore were actually OK (as long as you ignore the boob bullet belt on the right photo in the article).

  9. expat Says:

    Fausta, I didn’t pay much attention to the name of the designer. I do recommend that the person responsible for this monstronsity start taking some night courses at the local community college. I see a career change in his/her future. That is, if we are lucky.

  10. O Bloody Hell Says:



  11. O Bloody Hell Says:

    > But it is a nice touch of Americana even if the original was designed by YSL.

    Yes, but did he make it out of drapes taken from the estate sale of some 90yo woman who had just passed away?

    Fine distinctions sometimes matter. The top part looks like the drapes came from around the kitchen window, and the lower part, well, I think that’s the kind you took down and used as a seat cover in the old 1943 woodie when the springs started poking through.

  12. I R A Darth Aggie Says:


  13. Johnny Says:

    Where did you get that dress, it’s awful, and those shoes and that coat, jeeeeez!

  14. Randy Rager Says:

    Oh, take it easy on her!

    Everyone knows wookies don’t know fashion.