Puerto Rico’s Eternal Sunshine of the Recurring Plebiscites

My article on HR2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, is up at Pajamas Media

I believe it was Nietzsche who proposed a theory of eternal recurrence, where you are living and re-living the life you live now to all eternity. Congress, by passing HR 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, may have accomplished the political equivalent.

Please read it and leave a comment.

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One Response to “Puerto Rico’s Eternal Sunshine of the Recurring Plebiscites”

  1. O Bloody Hell Says:

    > Puerto Rico is ailing economically. Since HR2499 requires the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to pay all costs associated with such plebiscite (including the costs of printing, distribution, transportation, collection, and counting of all ballots),” the U.S. Congress has imposed yet another bureaucratic expense on Puerto Rico’s resident

    A friend of mine who was here studying physics said that Puerto Ricans generally weren’t voting for statehood because under the current setup they got all the benefits with none of the disadvantages.

    No idea what he’d think of this move.