VIDEO And how did that San Francisco fundraiser go?

Zombie, reporting at Pajamas Media, says The Stench of Elitism Hung Heavy in the Air

Obama was whipsawed, pummelled from all sides simultaneously. Left-wingers, right-wingers, pacifists, libertarians, communists, conservatives, people angry about the BP oil spill, people angry that Obama’s healthcare reform bill didn’t go far enough, others angry that it went too far, extremists, moderates, and everyone in between on both sides of the aisle.

In short, it was the people who came out to express their displeasure with Obama and Boxer. Regular folks, San Francisco-style — which means plenty of leftist ideologues, but also now a substantial contingent of heretofore unseen conservatives who had for decades stayed mute until Obama’s agenda touched such a raw nerve that they could remain mute no more.

And now for the video,

Go to the post so you don’t miss the guy in the bear suit, too.


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