Hey, Tom, be thankful you were born before 1979*

Thomas Friedman hits us with the idiot shtick on a periodic basis:

I have fantasized—don’t get me wrong—but that what if we could just be China for a day? I mean, just, just, just one day. You know, I mean, where we could actually, you know, authorize the right solutions, and I do think there is a sense of that, on, on everything from the economy to environment. I don’t want to be China for a second, OK, I want my democracy to work with the same authority, focus and stick-to-itiveness. But right now we have a system that can only produce suboptimal solutions.

Matt Welch notices that

If know anything about America’s worst successful columnist, it’s that he won’t rest until he’s flogged a terrible idea again and again and again.

Over to you, Ed:

Hmmm… if Tom lived in China, would he be able to access the New York Times on the internet?

* According to Friedman’s bio,

He has two older sisters, Shelley and Jane.

Had any of them been conceived in China after 1979, two of them would not be alive now. China instituted its lethal one-child policy in 1979.

How’s that for a suboptimal solution, Tom?


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