The Russian oil bonus Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. The week’s big story: More Russian oil and weapons deals with Venezuela,
Russia pays Venezuela $600 mln bonus for role in oil project

Russia’s National Oil Consortium on Friday paid Venezuela a bonus of $600 million for participation in the development of the Junin-6 deposit, the head of a company making part of the consortium said.

Vladimir Bogdanov, the head of Surgutneftegaz, added that Friday is to see constituent documents signed and a joint venture registered in which 60% belongs to Venezuela’s state oil and gas corporation Petroleos de Venezuela (PdVSA), and 40% to the Russian consortium.

The National Oil Consortium (NNK) of Russian companies working in Venezuela includes Russian energy giant Gazprom, state-run crude producer Rosneft, Russian-British joint oil venture TNK-BP, Surgutneftegaz and LUKoil.

Total investment into the Junin-6 block development – a project designed to last 25 years – is estimated to reach $20 billion. The agreement on the joint venture between Russia and Venezuela was signed a month ago in Moscow. The Junin-6 oil field could produce up to 450,000 barrels daily by 2017.

Putin Visits Venezuela to Discuss Oil and Arms


Argentina’s bond swap
Eating their words
The government tries to make peace with international capital markets

Maybe We Can Get The Nation’s Cruise To Stop There?

Brazil’s presidential campaign
Falling in love again with the state
Just rhetoric, or is the government learning the wrong lessons from the country’s economic rebound?

The Baron sent this article, No bishops involved in cases of sex abuse in Brazil, Vatican spokesman clarifies, while Sex abuse in Brazil: abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims.

Chile’s new government
Running to rebuild a shaken country
Lacking his predecessor’s popular touch, Sebastián Piñera (below) and his team of business technocrats will face pressure from Chileans for quick results

Shakira’s Colombian War
The Latin pop star on why she’s spending millions on schools in her home country and beyond.

Drugs Fade in Colombian Economy

Audio slideshow: Cowgirls in Colombia

Cuba’s true martyrs

Spain extends citizenship application span until December 2011, citing huge demand

Possession of Spanish citizenship and a Spanish passport presumably makes it easier for Cubans to travel outside the island.

It also gives you access to better healthcare, too. Speaking of which, Commie love week in Brunswick, ME

Cuba policy

From Guillermo Fariñas

Mindful travel tourism to Cuba.

Somewhere near Salinas

Ecuador and financial crime
The Andean laundry
Worries that organised crime is tightening its grip

Chevron Suit Data Questioned
U.S. Scientist Says He Didn’t Write Reports Attributed to Him on Pollution in the Rain Forest

Plaintiffs’ Expert Reveals Fraud by Lawyers in Ecuador Lawsuit
In Sworn Deposition, Expert Denies Authoring Reports Submitted in His Name

Guatemala and organised crime
Reaching the untouchables
Attempts to stop drugs money corrupting public life in Guatemala are making some progress. In Jamaica (see
article) the worries are growing

Haiti relief efforts a mess

Donors and Haiti
Promises, promises
Donors pledge $5.3 billion for Haiti and talk bravely of fixing more than earthquake damage

US interventionism in Honduras continues

Jamaica and organised crime
Seeking Mr Coke
American anger at Jamaica’s slowness in handing over an alleged gang boss

An American Family’s Cancun Horror
Zeke Rucker is in a coma, and the Mexican government isn’t answering his family’s questions.

Suspect: Sheriff’s officer was killed in retaliation for alleged mistreatment

Mexico, the United States and drug gangs
Turning to the gringos for help
As drug-related violence continues to rise, Mexican and American officials unveil plans for unprecedented security co-operation. But will they work?

Severed Mexican Heads

Ortega ha realizado cambios en su gabinete sin aprobación del Congreso

Raw: Peru Traffic Cam Captures Auto Crash:

Peru’s Machu Picchu reopens to tourists

Shell refineries agree to install $6M of equipment

The settlement also affects a refinery in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, which was closed for business reasons in July 2008. Shell Chemical Yabucoa’s existing terminal operation in Puerto Rico will upgrade its operations, the Justice Department said.

Russia, Venezuela Strengthen Ties

Hugo plays at being rich, while beggars and strangers bearing gifts visit Venezuela

Freedom’s Enemies Emboldened

Increasing Numbers of Venezuelans Trying to Get to Europe:

Looks like Chavez has a potential friend in Afghanistan

Criticism of Chávez Is Stifled by Arrests

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