The plot against Carla & Sarko?

Not part of the vast right wing conspiracy, at least, but part of the vast French soap opera readers of this blog know I’ve been following for a while:

French First Lady Quells Talk of Plot

France’s first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, went on national radio Wednesday evening to quell talk that an international plot was behind recent infidelity rumors within the presidential couple.

“We’re not victims of any kind of plots,” Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy said in an interview with French radio Europe 1. “I came here to prevent a matter of no importance taking on proportions that I find ridiculous.”

Earlier this week, two people close to Mr. Sarkozy—lawyer Thierry Herzog and communications adviser Pierre Charon, who also manages the presidential hunting grounds—said the rumors could have been the product of a plot, planted to discredit France’s president or move financial markets at a time Mr. Sarkozy was promoting new global financial regulations.

This is starting to smell,

Their comments, made in separate interviews with French media, created a distraction for the administration of Mr. Sarkozy, who had just pledged to return his focus on reducing unemployment after his ruling party had been thrashed in regional elections last month.

The plot theory also unleashed a political witch hunt, as various allies to Mr. Sarkozy pointed fingers at each other. On Wednesday morning, Rachida Dati, who was Mr. Sarkozy’s Justice Minister until last year, went on radio and denied playing any role in spreading rumors about the president. “This must stop,” she told French radio RTL.


Would Sarko be above creating this brouhaha?

You decide.

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One Response to “The plot against Carla & Sarko?”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    I suspect that even Pres Sarkozy might not be cynical or prideful enough to make himself look ridiculous. Especially when Pres Obama seems to think that is part of his job description.