The finger-wagging summit

Obama wasn’t the only shaking his finger at someone; Medvedev and Sarko indulged in what is now becoming an international sport, too:

What are you nukin’ at, pal?

Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy went ballistic during a finger-pointing talk as they sat side by side at the windup of President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

But the two presidents later broke into smiles before the leaders of 47 nations got down to business and agreed on a pledge to safeguard nuclear materials and keep them out of terrorist hands.

Or, as Ethel Merman used to sing it, “there’s no business like show!”

Sing it, Ethel!

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One Response to “The finger-wagging summit”

  1. ricardo Says:

    Hmm…interesting. Seems like all the “finger waggers” are the democratic countries who will lose the most from reductions in nuclear missiles. Maybe they think its only significance is the loss of an important phallic symbol!

    Meanwhile China, Iran, N. Korea, etc. are laughing at us: Democracies can wrangle with each other about “whose got the smaller penis” all they want. Rogue countries have other plans.