Tax day roundup

F. Scott Fitzgerald (probably while in a drunken haze) told Ernest Hemingway that “the rich are different from you and I”, to which Hemingway replied, “Yes, Scott, they have a hell of a lot more money.” Nowadays, Ernest would have said, “yes, they are paying all the taxes.”

This guy is essentially telling the story of my life, taxwise: A Message from ‘Henry’
We’re high earners not yet rich, and now the government wants us to pay more?

Raising taxes on rich unlikely to cut deficit
Groups see need for serious effort to reduce spending

Taxes and power: Why Americans are upset

Tax Day 2010: Two Thoughts From Hayek and an Observation from William Hazlitt

Morning Bell: How Tax Day Became Payday

If It Looks Like a Duck, It’s Probably Obama Talking About Taxes

“This Congress has voted and this President has signed into Law $670 Billion in tax increases…” VIDEO here:

Angry, bitter, and clutching my Bible, after paying up and bracing for more tax increases.

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