Citroen pokes more fun at Sarko’s height

Being a head of state while you’re only 5’5″ must be tough, even when your wife is 5’10”:

People joke about your stoop:

And use your height in car ads:
German ad pokes fun at Sarkozy’s height:

Car rental company Sixt makes fun of Nicolas Sarkozy in a poster advertising campaign. Will the French president see the funny side?
There could be trouble ahead for the car rental company Sixt following its latest advertising campaign.
A German poster for the company carries a picture of the French hatchback the Citroën C3 with the slogan encouraging customers to “Do the same as Madame Bruni, choose a small French model” ((“Machen Sie es wie Madame Bruni. Nehmen Sie sich einen kleinen Franzosen”).

Here’s the ad:

Obviously they didn’t realize what it means when a short man is with a tall woman…

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2 Responses to “Citroen pokes more fun at Sarko’s height”

  1. steveegg Says:

    Sarkozy should remind the Germans what a short Frenchman does when he’s let loose on the Germanic plains. </Napoleon_complex_sufferer>

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