Let them eat sushi

Was reading the article linked by Babalu on the $30,400 per couple (how much for going stag, I wonder?) cocktail party the Estefans threw for Obama – which preceeded the fundraiser where Obama declared himself amused by yesterday’s Tea Party rallies,

He says he’s been a little amused over the past couple of days when people at the rallies complained about taxes.

Mas, oui,

What does $30,400 get you at an Obama coctail party?


I’m not kidding you. Rather than serve Cuban cuisine, the Estefans had sushi:

“There will be a sake and sushi bar featuring: filtered and unfiltered sake, Hamachi Chimichurri Maki, Spicy Scallop and Crab Maki, Midori Vegetarian Maki, South Beach Lobster Maki, lobster ceviche, and Ropa Vieja Maki.

There will also be hors d’oeurves featuring: Sesame Chicken and Broccoli, Hong Kong Noodles with Shrimp, Chicken and Pork, Thai Lemongrass Steak with Papaya-Pistachio Salad, Mushroom Potstickers (vegetarian), Classic Pork and Ginger Dumplings, and Spicy Chicken and Peanut Spring Rolls

There will be full beverage service with: full liquor bar supplied by the Estefans’ restaurant Bongos, Scharffenberger brut rose from Mendocino, Calif.; Emmolo sauvignon blanc from Napa Calif.; Cloudline pinto noir from Willamette Valley, Ore.; sparkling sake sangria; Sapporo Japanese beer; Tsingtao Chinese beer, non-alcoholic sparkling lemongrass lemonade (served on trays); non-alcoholic hibiscus iced tea; and mineral waters.

And the president can wash the food down with assorted specialty Rainbow Mochi ice cream,” Local 10 News Reports.

Mushroom Potstickers do sound intriguing. Probably best not to ask what’s in those.

Well, at least it was open bar.

I came across this tasty bit:

Emilio Estefan was appointed by the president to a committee that will study a potential National Museum of the American Latino.

Speaking as an American Latina, I’ll tell you what, Emilio: The sushi’s on you but I’ll take the $30,400 instead of any museum.

However, another curious note: The downtown Miami rally gathered 1,000 people to hail Obama, even when the admission fee was a paltry $250.

No sushi was served at that meeting.

We shall wait and see what the Tea Party conga line looks like in November.

Post edited to include Day By Day‘s cartoon, with special thanks to Chris Muir.

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10 Responses to “Let them eat sushi”

  1. Gayle Miller Says:

    Damn – I used to like their music. Guess I’ll move on to someone else’s tunes! Time to zero in on country music. I understand that Kenny Chesney is a Republican. I find it really difficult to understand how ANY Cuban-American can possibly be a Democrat!

  2. subrot0 Says:

    Maybe the Estefan’s couldn’t find a Cuban caterer willing to put up with the Estefan’s politics. My biggest problem with the whole thing is the drinks.

    Definitely not top shelf booze for the President. The best champagne (sparkling wine) they could get was Scharffenberger brut rose? Sparkling sake? And that’s what the Pres. got? This is stuff that you get at Trader Joe’s for crying out loud. They couldn’t get J or heck I would even settle for Great Western Brut.

    Its a good thing I didn’t get invited to such a low brow event.

  3. Jeffersonian Says:

    I’ll take that chimichurri, but on a nice Argentine lomo, not fish.

  4. ChaddinStPete Says:

    To be fair, “Ropa Vieja Maki” sounds like it was at least inspired by Cuban cuisine. Then again, I can eat the real thing at the Columbia in Ybor City for about $15.

  5. submandave Says:

    I find it really difficult to understand how ANY Cuban-American can possibly be a Democrat!

    Simple. For some (seemingly many in the entertainment industry) being part of the “in” crowd is always more important than basing your decisions on rational thought.

    Or, in other words, peer pressure.

  6. cf Says:

    Miami Sound Machine… Main Stream Media… MSM… it’s all starting to come together… I had no idea the conspiracy was so… deep!

  7. Nolanimrod Says:

    Ropa vieja? Old woman’s clothing? What, I wonder, kind of sushi would that be? Maybe the name’s not just descriptive.

    Nice to see they’re eclectic. The other foods are Chinese. Well, you know what they say…

  8. Pat Patterson Says:

    Just three years ago Gloria Estefan supported the Ladies in White. What the heck happened in the succeeding years?

  9. Pitbull (no, the other one) Says:


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