CNN shows spoof Lane Bryant ad instead

CNN’s Multiple Layers of Editorial Fact-Checking had them show a parody ad instead of the original Lane Bryant ad that ABC and Fox refused to show.

(All of you gentlemen can thank me later.)

Here’s the original ad:

Here’s what CNN showed (altered portion is at 0:38):

Hard to Live came up with the spoof!

Halle Berry and the value added tax

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4 Responses to “CNN shows spoof Lane Bryant ad instead”

  1. EG Says:

    How about a nod to, the blog that made the McRib spoof and broke the CNN mishap story? Here’s a link.

    Edward Genny

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    Grundyism, hypocrisy, and the PC Police. A trifecta!

  3. Nolanimrod Says:

    Hoist by their Own Petard…

    Net­work Grundy­ism and a broad­cast slip-​​up com­bine to form a Per­fect Gotcha……

  4. Rule 5 Sunday : The Other McCain Says:

    […] clothing restrictions.Fausta has been appreciating Old Spice commercials lately, and picked up CNN’s spoof of the Lane Bryant ad, and a lovely tango, ‘Gracias’. Bitteschön.Dustbury offers an […]