Chavez Rallies to Defend His Government

VIDEO report at the Wall Street Journal, Chavez harangues the crowd on the anniversary of his coup,

“You know what you have to do: take all power in Venezuela…
“radicalize the government”.

Hugo Chavez addresses militia to mark anniversary of failed coup
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez addressed 35,000 armed supporters to mark the anniversary of a failed 2002 coup attempt.

Militiamen young and old raised assault rifles and clenched fists in the air as their leader entered the parade area in Caracas in an open military jeep for a rally marking the anniversary of an abortive coup that ousted him briefly in 2002.

“You should be ready to take up arms at any moment and give your lives if necessary for our nation’s independence and the socialist revolution,” Mr Chavez said, unsheathing a sword that once belonged Venezuelan independence hero Simon Bolivar.

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