The back on schedule Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin American summitry
In ever-closer union, divided we stand

Latin American literature
Writing after the “boom”: Saying farewell to Latin America’s literary giants

Why Bigger Quake Sows Less Damage
Scientists Say Recent Temblors Are Unrelated; Underwater Topography May Explain Where Tsunami Wreaked Havoc

Clinton seeks to mend Latin America ties on tour

Racial Classifications in Latin America

Aponte: A Loyalty Risk for Ambassador?

Remarks With Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Falklands Fallacy

Argentina warns BHP not to drill for Falklands oil
BHP, the Anglo-Australian mining giant, has been warned it will face sanctions in Argentina if it pushes ahead with oil exploration offshore Falklands.

‘We must educate the Argentines’
Born in Buenos Aires before moving to the Falklands, Maria Strange is furious at her homeland’s ‘silly’ obsession with the islands.

The gun-toting boys from Brazil who rule Rio’s ‘Corner of Fear’

Paris Too Sexy for Brazilian Beer Drinkers

Call Me Shallow But This Just Makes. My. Day.

8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile

Chile earthquake: Easter Island evacuation as tsunami brings disaster to Pacific islands
A devastating earthquake in Chile has triggered a tsunami which is radiating across the Pacific and has already caused serious damage on the islands said to have inspired Robinson Crusoe.

Terremoto en Chile: Catastro online de caminos y viviendas

Earthquakes and Freedom: Chile vs. Haiti

Colombia’s Uribe to Retire, Opening Path for Santos

Colombia’s president
Third time, unlucky: The courts block Álvaro Uribe from seeking a third term as Colombia’s president

The man behind Colombia’s miracle

Viva Zapata
A Cuban dissident is murdered while Latin leaders schmooze with Castro.

Dissident’s death will put Cuba on the spot

Cuba’s Doctor Abuse

Green Madness

Zapata Lives!

Death of Cuban Dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Death of dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo leads to clampdown in Cuba

Judicial misconduct

Foreign Aid and Salvadoran Corruption
The World Bank should audit former President Tony Saca.

The good coup

No finish in sight for ‘virtual’ border fence

Cancun secrets

Via Babalu, Felipe Calderon’s meeting with Castro,

EDITORIAL: Puerto Rican run
The deck is stacked for statehood

Turks & Caicos former premier blasts British, calls for immediate elections

ETA, FARC, Chavez relation revealed in Spain

Spain to intensify investigations into ETA in Venezuela
Judge Eloy Velasco accused Arturo Cubillas Fontán of serving as a link between Basque separatist group ETA and the Colombian guerrilla


Venezuelan Government hires Cubans to build computer systems Venezuelans are much more capable at

The Falklands conflict: tin-pot tyrant Hugo Chavez roars like a mouse against the British lion

Venezuela: ‘it’s the new Zimbabwe’!

Chávez “salió del aire” brevemente durante rueda de prensa por fallo eléctrico

Political Discrimination in Venezuela

Why does violent crime keep worsening in Venezuela?

The week’s podcasts and posts:
El Salvador and foreign aid: 15 Minutes on Latin America
A-jad the truther, and his friends
Chavez, ETA, & the FARC’s plot to kill Uribe: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Laughing at Britain’s expense
Haiti, Chile, Iran, and democratic seismology
How Milton Friedman saved Chile
Cuba’s doctor abuse: 15 Minutes on Latin America
8.8 Earthquake Strikes Chile, and a personal request UPDATED WITH LIVE VIDEO
Chavez blackout fail
The Falklands, continued: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Wonders never cease: OAS report rebukes Venezuela on human rights
The Falklands Oil Dispute

At Real Clear World:
Argentina’s Angle

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