@Juanes tweets #Chavez

@Juanes joins the terrorist Twitter:

Singer Juanes tweeted last Saturday,

me pasaron el PIN de Chavez, alguien lo quiere para que le manden mensajes a su Blackberry??

which translated means,

Someone sent me Chavez’s PIN, would you like it so you can text his Blackberry?

And the following tweet was,

ahi les va, H1J0D3PU7A

which, losely translated, means

there you go, SONF1BI7CH

Juanes has gone up in my esteem (as you may recall, I had been critical of Juanes in the past).

Juanes now insists it was simply a joke, and is not bothered by the insults he got after those 2 tweets, adding,

If we are to talk about peace, let’s also talk about respect, many young people in Venezuela are being hurt and repressed.

You can follow Juanes’s tweets (in Spanish) here.

Here’s Juanes singing Odio por amor and driving a cute Lego jeep,

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