Demon Sheep!

Was listening to Jazz and Cindy’s podcast this morning and they mentioned The freaky deaky Carly Fiorina “sheep” attack ad. You got to watch this,

Wild, indeed!

Fortunately Chuck DeVore has pledged to keep his campaign a demon-sheep-free zone, at the Society for the Eradication of Demon Sheep From Our Political Discourse site.

Who said Republicans aren’t fun?

Carly certainly liked the miserable ad,

“It’s certainly gotten a lot of people’s attention,” said Fiorina spokeswoman Julie Soderlund. “That’s the purpose, being shocking, edgy, to produce something that people are talking about and something relatively inexpensive to produce.”

The Politico article also says “the Fiorina campaign is pleased that the ad is generating buzz.” They probably think ANY buzz is good buzz.


A surprisingly understated Ace, “Seems a little… much.”

The Demon Sheep Doesn’t Wear Prada

Candidate pledges his campaign will be a ‘demon-sheep free zone” Whoot!

Too many sheep is never enough!
North Carolina conservative creates spoof Demon Sheep Twitter account. Amasses close to a thousand followers in a day

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6 Responses to “Demon Sheep!”

  1. Madcap Says:

    Oh God, that was great! I just found your blog through your BlogTalk Radio show. My friend Charlie does missionary work in Honduras and I gave him the link to your show as well. He just got back to Chicago a few weeks back from his latest trip. Glad I found you and I added your blog and show to my blog roll.

  2. uberVU - social comments Says:

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    This post was mentioned on Facebook by Fausta Wertz: Demon Sheep!

  3. O Bloody Hell Says:


    Demon Sheep?!?!?

    In Calf-ornia?

    Clearly, it will be absolutely required to summon the Bison-God of Brokeback Mountain to rid the land of their pestilent presence by, ummmm, luring them elsewhere.


  4. Please, Mr. President, Shut Your Piehole « Obi’s Sister Says:

    […] can out-”no-class” The Won. Just following the narrative, folks. This is just plain weird. Carly Fiorina may have lots of dough to blow her campaign, but she obviously has no common sense. […]

  5. Willene Benson Says:

    I LOVE it!!!!!! Perfectly written, pointed and sharp. It hits the target DEAD ON!

  6. Pat Patterson Says:

    Speaking as a Californian most of the chatter here is that the ad is a terrible waste of money and time. What is sad is that Fiorina’s description of Tom Campbell is mostly spot on except that budget in 2005 was charitably described as not as bad as many feared.

    Coupled with her disastrous sojourn at HP I think I have removed her as even a lesser of two evils though Chuck Devore is beginning to make himself better known and may have a chance. But at least her campaign has acheived some notoriety and has virtually made Meg Whitman’s candidacy invisible as she, Whitman, has begun the talk show and punditry rounds at the same time as releasing a series of ads that, frankly, are as exciting as watching paint dry.